Friday, July 8, 2016

DooxSwitch beta testing program

DooxSwitch, connecting the world since 2009 with award-winning unified communication solutions, is releasing a new enterprise-grade Softswitch version for beta testing. DooxSwitch will be opening applications for the beta test of this product from July 20th July – 20th September. To apply go to

For this new beta test, the DooxSwitch Beta Club is looking for dedicated beta testers with extensive experience in VoIp and Softswitch. Ideal applicants are those who have hands-on experience with VoIP Softswitch deployments, and have extensively used softswitches  from other vendors.

DooxSwitch will be entering the VoIP market with its new SoftSwitch version. DooxSwitch is expanding its product portfolio to include innovative and competitive VoIP solutions. In true DooxSwitch style, new softswitch  will be are be more powerful with a new look and whole list  of new features; adding a new line of competitive VoIP updated services to revolutionize the existing VoIP market.


Beta test program

Each product beta test released through the DooxSwitch Beta Club will have a limited number of beta test units available. Application to the DooxSwitch Beta Club is open to anyone and is FREE. Selection of participants will be determined by DooxSwitch based on applicant qualification. The cost to participate in a beta test will be $199 to cover handling, The Beta testers will be provided with a dedicated server and software. Further 50% discount on the final product release , the participation fee will be deducted from the final switch price. There is no charge to applicants who are not selected for a Beta test.

About  DooxSwitch :

DooxSwitch  a leading communications infrastructure vendor. DooxSwitch enables Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs) to quickly and efficiently implement, manage and deliver a wide range of solutions for their services.


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